Cartoon pamphlets filled fire halo righteousness
Save my family a seat in front row popularity  
Service will begin as soon as piano choir ends
Soap box sermon
tap, tap, tap, Is this mic on?
Shouting corn oil crosses
Flopping victims on sanctuary floor like breathless fishes
Snap father’s elbow to young sleeping ribs
You’re not safe here
Don’t fidget, wipe free cobweb sleep prepare yourself for youth dogma lesson
Don’t question life giver’s plan or fear the wrath of noodle appendage smack from beyond
Macaroni frescos decorated in gratitude for choices, scolded for making the wrong ones
What you called demons
were comforting guiding voices
Tithing triggers bitter debate
Fill the pantry or golden red bottomed plate
Wafers and wine never calmed needful stomachs
Karma Christian’s hopeful donations
Swallowed snot and tears
Sunday nutrition
Hawaiian shorts for backyard chlorine cleansing
Lay hands on my head
Push me down
I will not abide
this sinner must drown
Push and struggle
Push and struggle
You’ll drink sooner or later
take a deep breath
Push met with furious survival
You pushed and I struggled
 Backyard barbeque witch hunt
I was the main event
You have the horns upon which
my halo rests
Written by: J.A. Lutz

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james matthew coleman
almost 8 years

I can relate to the fervor of this. Well done.


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