Shadow strangers torment
me through patio blind -
Time escapes hastily twitching
the third eye of my mind
Birds don’t sing in darkened city annoying me with chear -
And I don’t have to stomach
their menacing stare
I mimic the dead
staying up all night -
Bleeding from the soul
with nothing to write
Lungs are hiding under
tobacco swirling fog -
Drunk again with man’s best
friend, Diablo my dog
Beer swollen liver cramps
with thirsty delight -
Bleeding from the soul
with nothing to write
Under lonely stars I’m thinking
of she that is mine -
With my devil at my side hoping
a muse will give me a sign
Cotton mouth knits thick
lumps in my throat -
As I beg inspiration from words
that my dead heros once wrote
I hear the squeals of my teeth
that grind like gears -
Bile and acid boil my esophagus  while I recall childhood fears
Neck aches from lowered head staring at empty lined pages -
Memories intrude bringing visions
of torment from my many ages  
Prophetic echos of murder from
my old imaginary friend -
Reminiscing about the hurt
that nearly became my end
This play is written by
demented desires of my past -
Night-terror carousel of odd faces that make up the cast
Adolescent memory of dithering sisters about why mom cried -
My sinister heart & deviant mind ultimately decided on patricide
No cutting or burning myself
on the agenda tonight
Bleeding from the soul
with nothing to write
No razor blade sin or fresh scars
for strangers to mock -
As my anxiety increases with the quickening hands of my clock
So I sit here lamenting for
my lover’s plight
With my devil dog Diablo
on this lonely summer night -
Impatiently awaiting my muse
so I can finally write.
Written by:  J.A. Lutz

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