Whispering women, Beauty queen private chat.
Foreign-felon-art-hack, slick minded hard dicks that pry, and cameras that cry.
Team secret, tera-bit brides, all smiles on the outside.
Husbands seek red palmed terminal links, seldom seen sexy stares, and pornographic bedsores.
Upload downloaded shallow needful lies, no dull stories here, perfection broadcast sandy-toed point-of-view, cold beer commercial-esque perfect envy fix, from me to all of you.
Bored audience, ordinary turned sudden celebrity lives, so we can double-click clik-out all related posted hearts, “friend” followers, stranger “likes”, hive-mind stool-pigeon hub of marketable voyeurs.

Diagnosis, prognosis, spyware, antivirus!
Socialize, dramatize, “fuck-me” eyes, everyone’s a genius!
Hobbyist, lobbyist, antitrust, social media armchair activists!
Online unemployed D.J., Hat-sideways pugilist!
Cellphone cinematographer, bus ride home, roving rectangle cage-fight, average Joe turned journalist!

Mass-capital masquerade ball, baby-faced Superbowl stock-market windfall.
Sucker rich, sucker poor, office pull, Daddy’s draft fantasy league football.
Pool-boy horny shopping mommy, online special make-a-deal coupon whore.
Upload downloaded, all-in for a shit-ton, “who folded?!”
Cat filled basement, single-man creepy stare cam-show, card-holder tissue stoker.

Weavers of webs, lied, tried, and untrue.
We are it, it controls us, we double-click our own chaos!
We curse it, we crave it, we love it, we hate it!
Our Master, we praise you!

Off the grid, wired-in, log-off, log-in, hot-spot, hot-to-trot, profile head-shot, pander pageant, new car, home foreclosure, “Click to win!”
Weight Watchers pounding heart carb-free, gluten filled cupcake wonder lust.
WarCraft web-inar. Online wedding, late night best-man Trojan horse chat, friend request pics sent, E-disHarmony ends in divorce.

Ipad eye-candy, single lens Digi-Nanny, Sovereign State snoop, server, syntax, algorithm, drone strike escalation, and civilian death-toll media fascination.
Hired, fired, PDF, E-mailed, payroll blackmailed, RSS CV Resumê, podcast cat parade, Llama Kissing Lady meets five a.m. fart fetish fanatic.
We are ALL so interesting while covered head-to-toe in lube while streaming Hobo Fights on YouTube
So sign-on, all ye surfers of sadism, and sacrosanct systematically secured slaves.

It’s in us, it’s on us, it’s fixing us, it’s learning us, controlling us, for us, from us, our privately-viewd publicly-shared all-knowing Succubus.

Written by: J.A. Lütz

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