Her road to recovery seemed like it was never ending,
And it was something she was constantly dreading,
Days were starting to feel longer,
Her suicidal thoughts were getting stronger,
She couldn’t cope with the depression anymore,
Everyday she was hurting herself more and more,
Her scars could easily be healed with stitches,
But it was on the inside where she would have death wishes,
Her depression was slowly destroying her,
And for her there was no cure,
Nothing could save her from what she had become,
She knew, that her depression had won,
Getting better was an impossibility,
Everyone believed her fake smile, which was a pity,
Even though her scars had started to fade,
She couldn’t clean up the mess she had made,
Just like a sad love song,
Everything in her life seemed to go wrong,
Her life was a game, and she was only a simple pawn,
She grew tired of playing, and now she was gone.


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oltre 7 anni

So tragic for such a pretty girl to be so sad. I used to be suicidal. It does eventually get better. Please hold on to the slightest hope until it does. There is a nice young man somewhere that would love you truly.

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