I am yours why can you not see.
My heart bleeds for you to set it free.
My heart beats only for you.
You make my life worth all it goes through.
You bring something that makes me smile.
For once in life I don’t want to escape and run a mile.
You make me come alive.
You give me reason to want to survive.
When I look at you I forget reality.
You make me realise uncertain insanity.
You made me accept who I am inside.
You help me face all that I keep hidden inside.
I know that it is real.
I understand what I feel.
This was created many lives ago.
A connection to strong that is only meant to grow.
intuitive minds that connect.
Love never to forget.


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Lance nathan conrad
over 2 years

Very,very nice!

Jacky Windell
Jacky Windell
about 2 years

@Lance nathan conrad: Thank you

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