Can’t you open your eyes to see.
That she is not where you should be.
Look my way just one more time.
Then you will see that you should be mine.
Give yourself to me once again.
It will be more epic since then.
All I wish is for you to let yourself feel.
That what we have is perfectly real.
Do you ever think of me when you lay down in your bed night.
This is nothing but right.
Let me show you my mind.
You will see I am one of a kind.
I will keep you forever wanting more.
This connection is for sure.
Come release yourself to my illusion.
A world filled with passion, magic and confusion.
Hold your body against mine.
Touch me and kiss me before we run out of time.


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Lance nathan conrad
over 1 year

Awesome poem.!

Jacky Windell
Jacky Windell
over 1 year

@Lance nathan conrad: Thanks its a pretty intense memory

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