You broke my heart into a million pieces
And scattered it all over the floor
You damaged it; when you walked out the door
Yet I’m craving for you more
You have crushed my soul like ice
And did not stop to think twice
I feel like a fool for still loving you
After all you have put me through
And ignoring the horrifying things you would do
You did not show any remorse
At times, I thought you would take my life and make me a corpse
My heart is fighting to be whole again
It’s hard mending it back together; and I cant pretend
I want this agony to completely end
You have turned my life upside down
And all I could think of is having you around
A part of me died when you vanished that day
And didn’t look my way
You kept on going with out a word to say
You should have just put a gun to my head
And left me dead;
Because that’s how cold and terrifying
You had me feeling
I wish; I could stop loving you
But my heart don’t want me to
It’s like you’re a drug I must have constantly
I don’t know why when you hurt me so badly
You pumped my body up with fear and made me scared
You were my worse nightmare;
So why my heart refuses to stop loving you?
It’s not like you have the same love for me too
That’s why I’m finally ready to let you go and find somebody new.


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Fatima Amal
over 5 years

Thankfully we have our words to spill out when we feel crushed into dirt...everytime I write about my pain, I think that just a little bit of that pain goes up in smoke and disappears little by little. :)

Leesaan Robertson
Leesaan Robertson
over 5 years

You and I both. Thanks for reading

Leesaan Robertson
over 5 years

I'm sorry to hear that "Charlotte B WIlliams. God knows best, just keep your head up.

Thanks for reading.

Charlotte B. Williams
over 5 years

I can only think of how many years ago when we were going together my husband was cheating on me, but it paid off to continue to love him, because we've been happily married now for many years. It doesn't always work that way though. It was Gods grace. Be encouraged.

Robert L. Martin
over 5 years

I know exactly how you feel. I've been there many times in my life.

Leesaan Robertson
over 5 years

I'm glad you like it "Vic". Thanks for reading

over 5 years

I like this poem! Thanks for sharing

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