A letter from lucifer

To all lovers of God
I am the evil that brings destruction upon the earth
I’ll make you people suffer for all it’s worth
I will always be there
When each one of you face death
Just hoping to see many of you
Take a last breath
It was me “Lucifer” who tricked eve
In the garden
By pretending to be a good serpent
I confused every mind with negative thoughts
So God’s children won’t walk in his path
I laugh constantly when humans sin
For it makes me defeat your father and win
I love to see when you folks get angry
Such power it gives me over God
Who’s my enemy
Oh! I was the one who convinced Bin Laden
To go ahead with his evil plan that day
And he did by listening to every word I say
So if anyone is searching for help
With doing a bad deed
I’m here waiting to fulfill your need.
Warm regards;
From Lucifer.


I love God with all my heart and soul. This poem is a reminder of how evil the devil is and he's our real enemy. Everyone who loves GOD like me, please walk in his footsteps and let's put the devil to shame.


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