Evil words

I won’t feed into your evil words
My spirit shall soar high like birds
Whatever you say to me can’t destroy these bones
Only sticks and stones
Evil tongue only lifts up this soul of mine
You are not worth any of my time
My heart will not tremble in fear
By the evil words you say for I do not care
I will always be a fighter
Sarcasm continues to make me stronger
I can bear anything you say to me
I am free as I should be
You can’t knock me down
And bury me to the ground
By the evil words you lash out
I will proudly stand and shout.


When negative people try to put you down and make you feel discouraged, just lift your head up high to the sky and do not listen or believe the evil words they say. They are only making you stronger and giving you a lot of power to become an over comer in the end.

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