Every time I look in the mirror at my reflection
All I can see is a person who has become a failure
For each road that I take
It always pushes me farther away from my destiny
It seems like for me to reach my goals
I will have to fight a never ending battle
That I may not be able to handle
Fear of failure constantly spins around in my mind
And makes me want to give up at times
Sometimes I refuse to try at all
The more I try;
I’m kicked to the ground like a ball
This fear of failure consumes me on a daily basis
My life is a complete nightmare and I don’t know why I exist
I feel like a dead soul;
Fighting these demons inside me so I can be whole
I’m very hungry for success
Though at this moment I’m hopeless
I know the devil want me to think this way
And he want to lead me far astray;
Now what can I possibly do?
When I’m stuck in the same spot every day
There’s nothing good that comes my way
I think my fear of failure is the reason why
I’m not moving into a new direction
And I say this because I can’t seem to move forward
However, I’m very motivated and driven
To take a different route
And I am totally ready
Now my mind is steady
Unlike it was before
For I have opened a better door
Which helped me to overcome my fear of failure.


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Leesaan Robertson
plus de 5 ans

Thank you

Zaytoen Domingo
plus de 5 ans

This is relatable well done :)

Leesaan Robertson
plus de 5 ans

I agree. Thanks for reading.

plus de 5 ans

opportunity and good luck awaiting...

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