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Hold on to

What do I have to hold on to?
When I wake up every morning feeling hopeless
Not wanting to get out of bed
For I know nothing good lies ahead
Discouragement takes over me
Now I’m just a lost soul
Trying very hard to reach my goals
I’m broken
And I have no one but myself
There’s so many questions I want to ask God
Such as
Why is my life so sad?
Why do most people mistreat me bad?
Why am I struggling so much?
All I want and need is one holy touch
To uplift my spirit
And make me feel encouraged
My mind is filled with negative thoughts
Which blocks me from taking the right path
And step towards my destiny
Sometimes I get confused of how to start
A new chapter in my life
I have big  dreams like accomplishing the best
And being a good wife
A woman like me don’t believe in quitting
Therefore, I will continue fighting
I feel like I have a lot of strength inside
Which motivates me to keep trying
Though I don’t have anything to hold on to
Because my life is at an stand still.


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