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How I wish you were mine

You are not even mine and I felt like I have lost you
Maybe it’s because I want you all to myself
At times, my mind wonder on how beautiful life could be
If you and I were together
My soul bleeds endlessly not being able to hold you in my arms
Kiss you, console you and make love to you the way I want to
For you belongs to someone else
Such pain in my heart drains the life from me
How I wish you were mine
If you were, I would not feel this way
I’m dangerously in love with you
And you will forever be the man of my dreams
Though I may never have you in my life
There’s no other man on this earth who could make me feel alive
Only you; and I know it’s true;
Because every time you are around me I’m constantly blissful
Just the thought of waking up every morning
Without you laying next to me
Brings me into an never ending sad state of mind
But even if our souls don’t join as one
Just know that you will always own a piece of my heart.

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