This world is very corrupted

In this world
It’s all about money, power, and greed
Some people have completely lost their souls
Just for wanting everything
And turn their backs from God like he don’t exist
In this world
Most people are money hungry and will do anything to get it
Even if they have to kill
The corrupted government is worst
They wants everybody money even the poor
And waste it foolishly on war
In this world
The rich gets richer while the poor gets poorer
It’s sad but true
And there’s nothing nobody can do
There are many who are incarcerated
And are crying for freedom
All they want is to see their family again
And turn their lives around
They hope and pray to get released
Because they want to start a new chapter in their life.


This poem is about the corrupted world that we live in

souls, money, war, government

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