My wish (Song)

If I had to wish upon a star
I would close my eyes and picture being where you are
That’s all I would asked for
Nothing more, nothing less
Just a simple hold of you in my arms
There’s something about you
That keeps my heart calling out to you
(Ooh) My wish is to see and feel you right now
You’re the only man my two eyes can see somehow
Because every single day
You would bring me joy and happiness
And you always gave me your best
(Ooh) my wish is to have another chance with you
And start over like brand new
There’s nothing left for me to do but pray
That you’ll return back to me for good and stay
Without you; my soul is like an empty shell
That’s why on you; my mind constantly dwell
Memories is all I have to remember you by
I can’t stop thinking about you no matter how hard I try
You were my king, my all and my everything
You and I were so in love with each other
It’s like the angels wanted us to be together
(Ooh) I never knew the true meaning of love
Until you’ve showed me how beautiful it is
Like the sky above
I can feel the chemistry between you and I
This love I have for you could never die (No).

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