Revenge is sweet (Short Story)

Peter loved Veronica more than anything in this world yet she treated him very cold. They met on a beautiful summer day and fell in love but now she acts like a complete stranger who he doesn’t recognize. He would give her everything but it was not enough for her. He asked himself; what more do this woman want from me? And he could not figure it out

One day, peter left work early and to his surprise he caught veronica in bed with another man cheating on him in their bedroom

Peter: Now this explains the sudden change in your behavior

Veronica: Baby please don’t be mad at me
She replied emotionally

Peter: Are you serious?
He yelled at her angrily and said;
After everything I have done for you, this is how you repay me

Veronica tried to hold peter but he pushes her off him

Peter: We are over, finish and done
There are plenty of women in this world who would love
To have a good man like me
“You little whore!

He declared to her while walking away

Veronica ran after him crying endlessly but peter kept on walking

Peter went to the bar the day after and met a woman
By the name of Jasmine
They both exchanged phone numbers and started going out on dates
Until they decided it was time to take it to the next level

About a month later
Peter took jasmine home one night and the two of them had heated sex

On that same night
Veronica was ready to pack her things and leave the house

She walked into the living room
And saw peter and veronica clothes on the floor
She got so upset and ran up the stairs and then opened the bedroom door to find jasmine lying in peter arms.

“What’s going on here?
Veronica shouted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Peter looked at her and said “Revenge is Sweet"

Veronica: I made a big mistake when I cheated on you but I still love you with all my heart

Peter: You can’t possibly love me that much and sleep with another man
So like I said “Revenge is sweet”.


I'm working on Part 2. Be prepared to see how Jasmine react to Peter and Veronica love story.

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