Story of our lives

Everyone have a story to tell
But who would express there’s perfectly well?
We all go through different chapter and phases in our lives
That we cannot control;
All we can do is wait to see what happens next
Even though we might face more hardship
In life, there are ups and downs
But at times, it seems like we get more downs
Which causes us to keep falling to the ground
Though we get up and rise again
For we believe our struggle will come to an end
The story of our lives is written in the book of life
And only God knows and feel our pain
What we are going through is just a way to make us stronger
And we can live to talk about it later.


When difficulties comes in our lives, we can't give up no matter how hurtful the situation might be. We may think things will never get better but if we have hope then there is definitely a chance for us to see a change.

#Happens #Lives #PossessesStronger

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