The only man for me (Song)

I want you and I to spend our lives together
On this green earth forever
I’ll give anything just to be with you
And what I say is sincerely true
I can’t breathe not having you here with me
Because whenever you’re around I always feel free (baby)
You’re the only man for me
And deep down in my soul
I know you and I are meant to be
Sometimes when I have my sad days
You would uplift my spirit with words you say
No other man can take your place
Because only you can put a big smile on my face (baby)
I want to be with you until this life ends
And I don’t mind saying it over again
We love each other just the same
So there's no need for us to play games
You and I are the true meaning of love
And this love is beautiful as the sky above
Our love is strong and built like a wall
And we can prove it to the world by standing tall
No one can come between us two
Because you love me and I love you
(Baby) This chemistry we have is bound to last for eternity
And that's how it's suppose to be (Baby).


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