The Roaring Lion (Short Story)

Cecile took a walk alone in the woods
Not knowing the danger she could possibly face
But she did not have any fear
Until the loudness of an roaring lion
Caught her attention
She looks left and right
And still no lion in sight
Her mind became dark and cloudy
For she did not know which way to run
It’s like she was trapped in hell
The lion made the roaring noise again
Which was much louder than before
Cecile eyes wonder around the woods
To see where the lion could be
Near or far;
Somehow, she thought she was imagining things
That was making her hear this lion
Though; to her it seems too real
However, Cecile continued trudging through the woods
Just so she could make it back home
She was targeted by an invisible lion
Who she could not see; only hear
All she wanted was to reach her destination safely
And she hoped and prayed that the lion would not
Make another sound
As she tried to leave the woods
The roaring lion stood tall in front of her
And looked deep into her eyes
The poor girl was frightened out of her mind
And did not know what to do
So she bend down on her knees
Crying fearfully
She begged the lion to spare her life
He looked at her and smile then started laughing
She could not believe what she was seeing
For lions are known to be dangerous
But this one was very friendly
The lion walked up to Cecile
And kissed her on the cheeks
She asked if he’s letting her go
He nod his head~~~~~~Yes!
How happy she was, so she hugged the lion gracefully
And say thank you.

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