Trapped in a cage

It’s like I’m trapped in a cage
Trying to find my way out
I’m crying for help
But no one can hear me
Hate, anger, and jealousy consumes me
And all I want is to let go
Though I don’t know how
I wish this pain would just leave my body
So I could be set free
I often fight within myself
Just to escape from this cage
Yet still no good luck comes in my direction
I must be cursed by some evil force
When people see me smiling
They don’t know it’s fake;
For I pretend to the whole world
That I’m ok when in reality I’m not
My mind is always spinning in circles
With negative and unhealthy thoughts
Because I feel less motivated
About where my life is at right now
I’ll do anything to get out of this cage
That’s exactly what I’m hoping to gain
If only I could close my eyes
And then open them to see my wish come true
There’s nothing I want more
Than to be free once and for all
It would be the greatest day of my life
Since I could finally smile again.


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