There was a fire in his eyes that was not sparked by a single man
But by the effects of many things
Not a rage, nor malice,
Nor hatred of anything
He had experienced much but was heard little
His chest a torch,
His body grand and bright
He was a light,
Exposing the hurts and secrets of his own horror
And bleeding out onto humanity
He did nothing but much was done to him
Being so wickedly swept underneath the rug of torment,
Not knowing what it would make him
You’d like to think him to be malicious
But indeed he was not
Unknowingly wedding pain and love within his soul,
Making his heart numb to the burning
For he set his own heart aflame trying to destroy the intensity of emotion he was so capable to summon
Numbing to protect
Numbing to neglect himself,
Numbing to forget,
Numbing to no longer accept
Apathy and intensity he wed in his heart,
Incapable of shutting either off
I saw a fire in his eyes that was neither of these things,
Yet all of them merging at once
All merging only to create drive
The magnitude of his flame, Scorching all substances
You’d like to think it to be revenge
Yet your frequencies would be off
I believe it to be what it is
I reached out to touch the uncontrollable flame
I stood in his path
Intwined its heat with my own,
Stepping into but not out of my own world
You might say I was engulfed,
You would be right
He was kindred and brutal with a piercing love he was so afraid to reveal
For it proved too powerful for many
I submerged myself anyway and did not feel anything less of understanding and remorse
Rawing of endearment
Synchronization crashing down on our intellect,
Both eyeing down the beauty in struggle,
The undeniable purpose of suffering
There came a calming in his spirit.
You’d like to think it to be weakness
And again, your mind will fail you
Hope alone radiated from with in him and out also
Never was he dangerous,
only Misunderstood


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Robert L. Martin
circa 5 anni

Wow!! That was intense. Well constructed poem.

quasi 4 anni

I like this poem, it is so sad melanin is no reason to be be misunderstood. Addiction and violence can be overcome with more inner strength, and less mental abuse.

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