A man who is a poet is one who is not afraid to be honest with both himself and his own soul,
One who craves love underneath his own depths,
So much that he would scratch the eyes from Mother Nature’s very sockets if it meant that he could reach down and into her core and claim her heart for his own
A man who is a poet believes that your heart is not safe within your care,
That he must hold it in his hands and teach you more beautiful ways to treat it,
Believing that only in his ways and rituals will it truly prosper
A man who is a poet, sleeps only in your intellect,
So at night he can make resounding love to it
A man who is a poet, often wishes you sweet dreams just because he knows he is hiding beneath your imagination,
Creeping out when you slumber just to whisper to your brain waves the music he hears as he stares into your eyes,
Feeling those sapphire sockets burn with passion for the love he already knows you have for him
A man who is a poet lives life like a king only when he is able to call you his queen
Now replace “a man who is a poet” with your name while I picture myself standing before the man, the poet that is you,
Basking in your very presence,
Forming words in my mouth only to digest them,
Spiritually becoming one with your Ora,
Physically intwining myself with every inch of your chocolate flesh,
Mentally standing still, awaiting your every command
Realistically glowing, smiling, hoping you catch a glimpse of all of these things
And, .. Forever longing that the images be tattooed within the linings of your sacredly woven heart


about a boy who won't die so the man in him can live,

Love, die, live, awake, awaken, crumble, trust, poet, poetic, man, bacon

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