Come touch me in violating ways so I can feel good about myself.
My identity lies in defilement and abuse.
Come say you love me and then scorn my very being.
Come caress my nonexistent self esteem.
I wanna burn with deceitful passion and melt in all the things atrocity brings.
Come and feed me my past.
Tell me all the things I’ll never be.
Twist my arm and make me believe. Be my lusty dictator.
Disgust me to no end.
Choke me .
Squeeze all hope from my lungs. Make faith a myth.
Make love a simple dream.
Sex down my insecurities.
Appease their every desire.
I Am nothing.
Whisper into my ear.
Force my brain cells to unwillingly chant this.
Rape my intellect.
Abuse me.
Defile my imagination.
For I am not worth the beauty of innocence.
Murder my joy.
Turn my head to Your mirror,
Make me watch as you unmercifully beat every inch of creativity and potential from me.
Lick my blood and whisper the taste to me.
I am nothing.
Make me regret I ever was.


Nasty, lusty, truth, ugly, love, hope, ugly truth

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Janaviya ♡
más de 4 años

Some people think it's powerful while others think it's just my sexual desires. That's interesting to me.

Cory Garcia
más de 4 años


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