I swear,  from the moment he opened up his mouth to talk to me he had me mesmerized
Spoke so softly with enough intellect to mold the earth
And I thought to my savior, “God, what a beautiful man”
Something so perfect could not be labeled
And those lips
As if they stretched so far and planted right on my hips
Like I could feel them gliding downward with every motion of his vocals
Yes, what a man so fine
And I knew then that he could never be mine
Face so poetic,
Passion so energetic
Who could so foolishly compare him amongst the others
Unless ignorant enough to believe duplicates of him even existed?
And let’s talk about those hands
Those hands he moved so swiftly as he talked about a brighter future where black men stood together
I didn’t know love at first sight existed
He got my heart twisted,
Breakin amd shatterin like the ice that once pierced
And now it’s pumping without fear,
Freely just cus I know he exists
And now I’m not afraid to love because of him
I let him in
Right through my eyes
I let him see my past for what it was
And my present for what it made me
And only through his brevity,
Courage is what he gave me
Strict message
Dirty indirect
Slow intellect
Fast connect
Him, that beautiful man that sat across from me and told me anything was possible
Him, with that depth in his soul,
Allowed me to know
That love is real
Him, that lonely heart breaker who broke his own to share it with the broken
I love him
I loved him when he shook my hand
I needed him
I needed him so I could understand
Let it make it’s way through my eyes, into my soul
Let it corrupt my mindset and steal my heart
Let it only exist when he’s speaking
Let it only be experienced just cus he’s breathing
and now I know I could never have him
But at least through his intellect,  I can grasp him
Wow, what a beautiful man.


love, self him, you, me, protect, men, man

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Debra Romero
about 6 years

Sounds like one of those instances when you meet someone for the first time and are spell struck by their charisma and charm. I enjoyed the read and the portrait you have portrayed of this beautiful man.

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