All types of writing has guidelines
All poetry seems to have some sort of handbook one must go by in order for a piece to be viewed as perfect
Vocabulary must be up to par,
Each stanza having its specific order in tact
The way I see it,
Most writers want to be revolutionary
They want to change the dynamics of their craft
Any true writer...
But I guess not all writers want to change the world around them
Most just want to play by the books for personal gain and power
Being at the top just only for themselves
What’s winning an award with no reward?
How can you change the book by playing by the book?
Following direction with no direction
What’s word play with no message?
No, we do not write for an audience
But, Yes, we do hope to influence the audience
Not for baffled, batted eyelids to be content with feed back
But having utmost desire to feed back
Sharing experiences for the next to come up
showing it is not routine to be undone
Write for passion
Yes, write for love
But do not write by a guideline
Or a pride bind
Write to inspire and to be inspired
Question the motive of the insight’s intend
Write to shape and not to bend
Give who you are
Receive originality
Allow the pen to be the only thing stiff
Let your consciousness flow
Allow your skill to swim
Just don’t let your indirect think too hard


I was just thinking one day and I let my pen do what it wanted to.

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Debra Romero
Environ 6 ans

I totally agree...enjoyed your insightfulness on the subject

plus de 6 ans

Write for yourself and if it is enjoyed by others then all the better.

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