Feeling drained, beaten down,
Bruised and blamed
Wondering why my value feels like it went up in flames
Hoping to breathe again
God, give me the air so I can breathe again, see again
God, give me the freedom to be me again
I’m so tired of being caged in
Trapped in
And then I heard this voice
But I couldn’t make out what it was saying
So I ignored
Reverting back to this box
Trying to stay pinned in, pinned up
Allowing the evil to beat up every good thing that once was
Forgetting that for every trial there is a cause
Believing I was nothing and giving in to the nothing I could become
Hoping to stay alone
Because, see that’s where I belonged
And then I heard that voice again
Although, I couldn’t make it out
Turning my ears to the negativity
Receiving that my optimistic flame had gone out
That I was not needed
Just an extra that should have long been cast out
That there was no use in nurturing this half dead flower
Welcoming the fate of spiritual death
Lost cause
Not worth the cost, the cost of being loved
Because love is consistent
Love is believing when the light goes out
Love is giving when you’ve run out
Love is staying when the crowd walks away
Love is staying...
Even when the seasons change
And the I heard that voice, this time the words were clear
“You deserve more”
And I heard that before
But this time it wasn’t taken lightly
It was said so calmly and politely
With enough strength to pierce my heart
And just enough compassion to pull negativity and the truth apart
I deserve more
What exactly does that mean?
I deserve a man who is willing to wipe his slate clean
I deserve consistency
I deserve love unconditionally
I deserve to be passionate
No explanation
No hesitation
Words are overrated
Putting on for a reaction
But action, that’s real
And I won’t settle until real stands before me
Offering the world to me
And thankfully, I’ll receive his heart
And I won’t let anything tear us apart.


story, worth, come, see, love, hate, hurt, care, revelation, struggle, real, help, woman, women, man, men

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Cory Garcia
over 7 years

Nicely done :)


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