By J Ann Crowder

Magic, like sparkling dews falling from heaven on parched desert land, prevails
In her
Compassionate, mother
She nourishes with fruitful fortitudes; an Earthy balm of perennial ointment
Tranquil, mother
Poised are her transparent beauties, like peachy saguaro blooms, and a prickly pear's sweet, crimson fruits
Affectionate, mother
She is as refined as splendored wings of silver doves singing beneath waxy moons, casting a soft glow
Queenly, mother
She, poignant and poised like summer lilacs bending towards sun glow, kisses her babies whilst they dream, holding them within her calm embrace
Benevolent, mother
Like burning timbers against cold, the warmth of her hearth comforts
Matchless, mother
Ever tender and elegant as buttery daffodils waving upon dancing winds
She is
Mother, loyal
Mother of nobility and heavenly thrones
She makes wishes upon dandelion fields, placing them inside her pocket
Quiet, mother
Gracefully plucking each stem of snow flurries, as she wishes, taking a piece of her heart upon such voyaging sails
                            Heavenly, mother
Her wishes carry the stars of affable affection in her heart
Lovable, mother
In all this she is as one heart
Synergistic, mother
                       Wise, mother
In this I long to become
Forever climbing to my station of love, pure
Love, purposeful and magical
Love, divine

Wrote this poem on Mother's Day. Written May 8th, 2016.

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Robert L. Martin
about 5 years

Great Mother's Day poem

about 5 years

Belated Happy Mother's Day. A fitting tribute to all mothers...

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