Autumn Dreams

By J A Crowder

*Fall is the breath of nature’s love descending upon us
Burgundy leaflets ignite
A chilled crisp of dawn in Fall I love
Candles, warm & musk, invite
Warm beneath my grip is a tantalizing apple cider in clove
A soft protection of woven coverings sooth
Wind swishes about—those charmed royal leaflets follow
Wooded pines sway their limbs
A freshness of nature’s raw, perfumed edges ignite my glorious senses
A spiced pumpkin moon floats above, mirroring a dusk of crimsons & maples of golden heaven
Windows open tonight, refreshing stagnant air
As a dreamer, I begin a soft slumber into my imagination’s joyous world
Delights in my opus—my mind’s whims & magical whimsies
Decorated are her grandest enchantments
Foretold are mighty ornaments adorning a depth of colorful atmosphere
Art, magnified
A soul sashaying upon those stars sparking color
Unmasking words most willful and prone to an abundance of new creations
Her mind dresses with passions unwilling to rest
Soar, spirit fly! I gladly cheer
Tomorrow, a great dawn appears as such dreamers and their dreams rise with a waking sun
Autumn’s birth shines beautiful amidst morning air as restless birds chirp on burl tree branches—a song emerges
In midair my dreams dance, for I see them atop those woodsy, mossed pines
Thoughts set adrift, or like a quill to parchment?
I choose the quill, so my dreams may live
Such is a stamp of permanent ink

I try to write a poem for autumn each year. It’s late & I’m drifting off to sleep as I write this, anxious for those autumn dreams to appear.

Written September 26th, 2020

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