J Ann Crowder

Antiquitas form—possessor of great knowledge, witnessing a rise and fall in ages past
A venerable, viridescent growth
A bow towards venus’s anticipation
An equilibrium of harmony
A bearer of nurturing fruit—Apple flowering drifts, aromatizing
Oh, how I long to walk beneath Ash and Beeches
To glean understanding in fields of Cypress
To enter Elder groves of magical life renewed
To dance amidst protections of Holly troves, welcoming a Winter Solstice’s enduring transformation
Ever ushering Wisterias—feathering soft hues painted by a crimson moon, whispering love’s truest version
’Tis all a body rooted in earthy beds and crowned with eternities of Milky-Way
I long to bear such secrets in passion sung on tides sprung deep—grasping starry blossoms on high whilst touching richness in silky minerals below
'Tis a heavenly, magical, and earthly realm stamped upon mine own surveying eyes’ reflection

About trees. I love them! Written June 26th, 2016.

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almost 5 years

Just lovely

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