By J Ann Crowder

infamous, painted maiden of history's tragic tales; most clear cheeked maiden
by her ebony hair and chiseled brow; her plushness and dewy lips
in her dreams; eternally, her stars wished upon
within her love mangled song—struck on harping chords, forever singing
dreary notes pleaded by a Sicilian princess on belling-tolls of love true
“Get me to the Arno; thrust me in!” by the mouth of the Ligurian Sea
Her echoed words prayed
Such lovely a maiden, pure
If she drowned, what would be?
Stars, thus wished on, would sink to the bottom of deep blues beneath glowing, Tuscany hills
Tormentings would ensue amid the splash, beneath crushing torrents
And thus would heaving songs evermore belt on sung-streaming hues above, CRYING!
'e mi tormento!’ on strings of 'bello, bello’
Ophelia, beauty young and fair, such was her fate

I really like the character of Ophelia. I have a Waterhouse painting of her in my house. I also love the song, "O Mio Babino Caro." These two tragic tales are similar, and beautiful. Written June 3rd, 2016.

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Robert L. Martin
over 4 years

Very good analysis. I love the classics, too. I know a little bit about Shakespearian plays. I used to see them in Central Park in New York City.

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