J Ann Crowder

A thunder and lightning's dance struck damp pavement as she stormed into a sea’s wild tempest—eagar to see
Life moving swiftly, like drifting sands silhouetting inside a hurricane—no want to flee
’Tis the luster of a barren wilderness, washed by unabashed, persistent tides
Thus, she dreams of what hides within a Sonoran jungle's heat
Dashing to corners strewn by unpaved roads, binding her to wisdom’s path
Though strong and crooked, upon befalling stumbling stones she wrought courage until stealth and stalwart in courage she hath
By and by, a will of brave hearts grow, daring to plant seeds and gaze beyond into ginger horizons
Such seeds grow into tapestries beholden to eyes ignited by the color bursts of a field’s dayglo—poppies, like dotted stars of firefly rising
Such is life’s fetters clamoring us, shaking our soul’s alive—screaming, "arise from dust and ash!”
Thus, into fetters she will dash
For without storms, rainbows cease their existence
Without a fire burning, precious stones do not forge from a heat’s ever flowing persistence
Therefore, forever burn woodlands red at autumns dawning—igniting roads to treasure troves of spring’s magical flowering

Written July 1st, 2016. Strength is forged through trial.

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