By J Ann Crowder

I’m stuck!
I thought and I thought, what am I?
Can I merely comprehend but a sliver of Moon Beam?
Nature’s metaphor is a true teacher of these sacred comprehensions I implor
For by and by a storm rolls in; I admire
It’s eye provokes my heart, willing my hand to the quill
I’m no poet; still, words beckon and ever expand like clouds spilling over with moisture
Words heed my breath-hot, strumming on bare pages to the droning pulsation of my heart, blooming ripples on wide, silver lakes
Chiding, chiding-until words flood out as ink stamping light into a placid existence
I'm no poet my friend
More or less, I'm an artist painting my soul's tapestries with words
I cannot stop or I must explode with color overflowing like spring rivers
You see, art longs to be free
It wants to tell its stories and to share its finest tunes with the world
Art is like an Eagle with giant wings built to glide on the silken tides of oceanic atmosphere; she is most happy and content within an eternal engulfing sky
Thus it is my friend, I'm no poet
I sing with the ordinaire, searching for the oiled tapestries trapped within, releasing them like the freedom of doves
I was born with wings meant to expand; I cannot live freely unless they do
Because art is never happy banging inside a caged door

What is a poet, truly? Written March 15, 2016.

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about 1 year

agreed with last say thats EXACTLY what you were..but knowing the feeling all poets feel from time to time..this was excellent and easy to relate with...good capturing of that last line..

J Ann Crowder
J Ann Crowder
about 1 year

Thank you friend! You are a wonderful poet as well. I love the uniqueness of your poetry!

Carl Socrates Hansen
about 5 years

Beautiful Poem, I beg to differ you are a born poet.

Parker Jennings
over 5 years

Don't humble yourself for no reason. Like Vic said, if words flow from your heart, then you are a poet. Rid yourself of your ego and embrace poetry in all her wonderful and terrifying acceptance

J Ann Crowder
over 5 years

Thank you Robert L. Martin! I am amazed at the over 700 poems you have written. I have a long ways to go to get that number.

Robert L. Martin
over 5 years

Thank you Jennifer for liking my poetry. It means so much to me when someone appreciates it. You are a wonderful writer, yourself.

over 5 years

If words flow from your heart, then you are a poet!

J Ann Crowder
over 5 years

Thank you! I stumbled onto this website last night and thought, why not? I look forward to reading yours and writing with you.

Robert L. Martin
over 5 years

A poet is you. a modest dreamer who has so many beautiful words to get out of your system.

Charlotte B. Williams
over 5 years

I would have to disagree with you Jennifer. You are definitely a poet, and this is a beautiful work of art.

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