By J Ann Crowder

Dawn of north—nature’s winter           chimes
Musings in Arctic sky
Oh, ye merry dancers sublime!
Ripping night’s black glass eye
Streaming upon equinoxes
A sway of spirits pure
Solar storms like merging phloxes
A flaming light procures
Igniting beryl thunder-beings
Spirits of bright seals grey
Like liquified harps intriguing
Darting across dark’s brae
Mighty whales drum mystic air
Breaching a diamond sphere
Leapt upon milky, wan flares
Their warm reflections cheer
Alas, a boreal steed rides
Caribou on Tundra
Colors of Autumn’s vision collide
A cascading, icy flora
Sacred, pirouetting fountains
A dawning magic’s glow
Blazing above Eden mountains
God’s resplendent night show

Another try at a ballad. This one is about the Northern Lights. Written July 28th, 2016.

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Nelson D Reyes
almost 5 years

I missed the shooting stars show last night and missed the dawn show as well. Yes I was out waiting. Thank you for this, way, way better panorama of the night sky! And winter cool too! I am sure the boreal steed of caribou were happily sashaying to the "liquid harp" notes!
Indeed a "bed of phloxes of God's resplendent night show". Celestial stars to you Jenifer, thank you. And perfect lead picture!

J Ann Crowder
J Ann Crowder
almost 5 years

Thank you so much Nelson! One day I'd like to see the Northern Lights in person.

Robert L. Martin
almost 5 years

I am excited about the rhythm and flow

J Ann Crowder
J Ann Crowder
almost 5 years

Ballads definitely can have that, I'm learning. Hard to keep to the same rhythm on each line, counting syllables. It has to be exact. I love the challenge! Thank for commenting!

almost 5 years

One in my bucket list - the Northern Lights or the Southern Lights. So much so I wrote a poem about it as well (Dreamscape). I like your poem better; mine was quite dark LOL

J Ann Crowder
J Ann Crowder
almost 5 years

Thank you!

almost 5 years

Imagery's impeccable. A very nice ballad indeed.

J Ann Crowder
J Ann Crowder
almost 5 years

Thank you Francis! l gleaned off the legends of the Eskimos.

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