J Ann Crowder

Listen, to life unfolding like seasons dressed in resplendence of decorated canvases
Live at present, with moving winds rushing through blue veins
Savor—do not worry of boding forthcomings
In winter, glean on nectar of sugared plums
Breath, slowly, Nor’easter dancing snow
Look upon beret, feathery caps of evergreen mountains
Spend time in peaceful rest whilst growing as a transfiguring, cocooned butterfly
In spring, open gaping wings above warming violets
Admire night's treasure troves above clovers of wishes
Sway to songs of perennial crocus and tender musings of gosling
Kiss rosy skins of herbaceous freesia as earth renews her vibrant glory
In summer, bask in balming sun—deep in thought
Stroll dreamy, moist meadows dripping in flaxen light of daisies fair
Relax in tropical billows and happy, jolliest buzzings—a splendorizing scene
Drink in verdant hills speckled by plush, sweetly tinged, roses—like ripe cherries amongst lush tapestries
In autumn, live within a sallow sun sashaying across carbuncle reds of sable earth
Forage fallen leaves whispering their final goodbye—having burst with a grand finale's pizazz, twirling as amber rays, glittery golds, and burnishings of rustic, copper tinges
Pluck last leaves still bleeding of berry hues on royal stems
Enjoy surrealism in beauty of overgrowth crowned in bronzes coiled by crisp breezes
Run through it, exploring what redolent thoughts unfold
Touch gingerliness on morning tides of prayer
Grasp now, a single moment in time's endless round—rising solicitude

My attempt at a carpe diem poem. Written August 9th, 2016.

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Mercedes Dembo
over 3 years

Here and now life unfolds with all included. Thanks

Charlotte B. Williams
over 3 years

Beautiful .

Nelson D Reyes
over 3 years

Nature's endless vicissitude is indeed to behold, "grasp it in the moment" and enjoy "redolent thoughts" of more to come - every single leaf singing its radiant iridescence. Yes, Jenifer I'll seize the moment with you with this poem. Love every word in it! Thank you.

Robert L. Martin
over 3 years

You remind me of how beautiful life and nature are. glad to be alive

over 3 years

Such beautiful words. Brilliant imagery. Marvelous poem

over 3 years

"Stroll dreamy, moist meadows dripping in flaxen light of daisies fair"

I just love this phrase!!!

J Ann Crowder
J Ann Crowder
over 3 years

@Vic: Thank you!

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