By J Ann Crowder

Love is a mangled, dotty road with color bursts of leafy trees glowing beneath sun’s visaged fire, bedazzled by a mingling of wild flowers amid grassy greens blazing
Crooked is her path at times, surrounded by screaming vistas showered with springtide’s golden delight
Love travels far, through her path’s rough barriers
In patience, love finds heaven within night’s darkness
Because, wherever darkness goes the moon and stars follow whilst shedding light upon love’s path
Each beauty found along love’s arduous road brings an eternal joy to her journey, leaving mystery and an embodiment of undiscovered wonder

Written June 21st, 2017.

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Nelson D Reyes
almost 4 years

Mysterious love is, always yet to be discovered, remains difficult to understand,
and still a multitude of happy surprises is in store behind the mascara of mystery.
Thank you Jenifer. Love this one.

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