By J Ann Crowder

Celestial body composing an orb of terra firma
A blue globe encircling brightest stars celebrating infinity
To which we become, as one with her
Tasting her clear waters
As flowers sway with sun and moon, drinking her radiance, we too are nourished
Thriving upon her house of alluvium speckled with light’s brilliant rainbow
I love sensations and the gifts of my senses
Earth star was created for their fulfillment
I drink her like a nectorious chilled cup of sweet, raw milk
I want to lay my feet upon her carpets of jade moss, cold and plush
I want to roam her wooded families of pines reaching to silvery skies
They are the giants of earth
And earth is but a parceled reef, pungently blooming scenes most grand, upon no grander stage
She is but a wandering star amidst eternal canyons of space
Our hearts pound cerulean blood in harmonious tune with her fluvius rhythm; a corundum of aluminum oxide, a lapis lazuli, streaming as her veins of traveling, river tides
They encircle her luminous body of massed mineral and ore
Trapping me into a trance, wind and sun cascade off my skin sending me reeling into a moment’s dream surging like a strike of lightening; ever as loud but with no words or sound
Sensing my billions of pores open and close upon her riveting tides of hot and cold
Thus, she feeds our sensations
Nourishing our senses, keeping us alive
In this soft symphony of agless, turning ripples soothing our minds
We taste her tea, tinged with roots and bark growing sweet citrus beads transforming into delectable delights dancing on our tongues
I want to bath in star dust like she does, pirouetting with galaxies
Maybe I do?
Because we are one with her, dancing into milky ways, gazing with her into dark matter
We beat with her drum and we thrive with her underneath a shelter of clean oxygen
We ever bask within her cradled womb of protection
She nourishes us always, as growing seeds gleaning upon her weaving strings of warmth, sky, water, and earth
She is our fountainhead
Lighting our souls
And so I long to trace her every etched line, basking in her greatness

Thinking of earth day today. Wrote this poem. I love nature and am very much a nature poet, most of the time. Written April 22nd, 2016.

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almost 5 years

Beautiful! The same sentiments I felt when I wrote the poem "Cosmos".

Two thumbs up!

Robert L. Martin
almost 5 years

Wow, that's powerful, like an ode to Mother Nature. You sure have a way with words.

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