By J Ann Crowder

Tattered and worn, elegant still, with Angel white feathers fair
Antique lace, like circled doilies; an image of time and wisdom, tracing your edges
Waxy, porcelain pearls adorn you as magic embellishes all around, texturing you
Above my head I save my each treasured dalliance within you
You dance with sky walkers and dream with doves upon night fall on sweet heathers
You embody a mystical realm of glitters on stealth of fading dawns
You keep safe my imaginations finest paintings, protruding from my ever embarking soul
There is madness therein and a clamorous will to set free all my whims flooding inside me
Desires, wishes, dreams, and faith live therein
They rest resiliently on a pillowy abode of calm and an abundance of heaven’s light, where treasures living inside are real, merely betimes lost; they breath life evermore
My doubts and fears live there too, haunting their spaces I have given them
Dream Catcher, take them far away
Save only magic upon my pillow deep
Steal darkness away, Dream Catcher; ever patched and mending
Your patches are mine to keep
Each broken thread continually put back again, stronger, until you no longer break

I love dream catchers. An ode to our dreams and the magic of dream catchers. Within is both doubt and fear but also dreams and faith. Keep the dreams and faith moving and spreading. Leave the doubt and fear in the smallest spaces possible. Don't let them over shroud dreams and faith. This poem represents a constant battle of dualities inside us and our dreams and everything about life. There is an existence of dualities within us and without. Written June 18th, 2016.

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almost 5 years

I love your words and phrases, your metaphors are amazing. I like the best - "fading dawn" - it just conjures a picture in my mind of when I woke up early enough to see darkness turn to light. Beautiful poem

J Ann Crowder
J Ann Crowder
almost 5 years

Nature's metaphors are endless! Thank you for such awesome feedback Vic. It truly keeps me wanting to write more.

Robert L. Martin
almost 5 years

This was wonderful, those dreams floating inside. Great poem.

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