By J Ann Crowder

Sakura—a sacred wisp of cherry bloom and renewed mortality born
She is dressed in sanguine grace; forever a zenith of blushed perfection
Arrayed in dresses of spring tide fairytale—true whimsical wonder
A Somei Yoshino—weeping, billow of floral tapestries
We trace our lives to her edges of fleeting stars
Our journey ends in grey hues of Chirihajime upon a dusk of brimming blooms
We begin a Hazakura of verdant life as gentle rays of Tsubomi ignite
Colors of Gobuzaki deepen until our souls overflow with wide, rosy brush strokes—Mankai
Magical, spritely summit
By and by, tropic winds dance amidst her heavenly thrones as soft snow flutters awaken—Hanafubuki
A joyous Hanami of convivial mirth ensues
The Yozakura raptures sunset melodies singing to my heart
We are drunken with life’s sweets of dango—a merriment of cherry holly
She is renewal—pleasantries of beauty in life's tapestries
’Tis a Prunas Serrulata’s ever delicate, poised delight

Written January 2nd, 2017. Happy New Year. Cherry Blossoms signify new beginnings. For those who understand Japanese, feel free to correct me if anything sounds off. I am not a pro!

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Nelson D Reyes
over 4 years

A spectacular sight, the cherry blossoms! One of God's master strokes in monochrome. Although I didn't experience seeing them in Japan when I visited I had seen their glorious spread in Tidal Basin in Washington DC almost every dawning of spring as I worked just a stone's throw from the Basin. A powerful symbol of life's renewal, of nature's. Truly a "blushed zenith perfection of spring...poised to delight". Love

J Ann Crowder
J Ann Crowder
over 4 years

My dad used to live in Japan. If I go, the cheery blossom trees with be my first visit. Thank you friend!

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