By J Ann Crowder

Starting anew
With wishes and stars
With new lives and living tabernacles concealing our twighlight souls
With new shorlines glowing underneath new sunsets
A glimmer
A shimmer
A tear of hope
The grandfather of time chimes a melody so exuberantly melodious
He rung at midnight, beckoning the outstretched, golden arms of dawn
Dawn steals away magic living inside our slumbering chambers
Therein clamores our resounding wishes upon stars
The old grandfather chimes—all anew
We beckon days to to be true
We are merely existence in endless atmosphere
There are no beginnings or endings
We flood endless time and space
We give our tears to earthly mud
Our tears resurrect as warming persipitation transforming into giant assemblies dropping down to earth again, becoming the perfection of deeply, serene serenades
The pitter pattering lulls our souls away into paradisical dreams, lighting our minds with a match’s switch
Our heavy, midnight breathing takes trees and leaflets into our lungs
It absorbs crisp, cold air whilst heaving clean oxygen in
It carries thriving, beating hearts
Hearts beating in synchronization with the grandfather of time, forever chiming
We were born into the riverberating chords of his echoes
Slowly we are broken down into fragments spinning with his sounding chasms
His tick tocking coo bides farewells to THE END
Then he welcomes each new beginning
He does so over and over again, on an infinite line
Before our birth we were the universe dancing to his forever chimes
We sang in harmony, existing on a cealed circle with our own infinite numbers
We complete the endless round of our transparent tears, falling, lifting to the sky, then falling again
We transpire and transform like tumbling moons in a furnace
Each day we breath new clean air by the falling of our tears
Each day we burn as smoldering soil
Through the inferno of heat precious stone appears
Thus we are deeply connected, our skins welded to light
Light greets our dawning eyes and the Earth is our solid foundation
Each of our laughs touch clean air touching light
Then they glide on water like encircling waves of sealed circles
This is our existence
We are ever connected to matter and cascading winds strumming to our heart's beat
Ripples are our sealed circles
We forever abide; truly there are no beginnings
THE END is but a silly guise
It is but a door, opened to beginnings and endings with more open doors

Just a few deep thoughts turned into a poem. Written March 28, 2016

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Robert L. Martin
over 5 years

You are welcome, Jenifer. I try to write something every day and post it on Poeticous. It sure is nice commuicating with people just like us.

Robert L. Martin
over 5 years

I love your writing, Jenifer. Your philosophy is very deep and compelling. I love the language and the imagery. The end sure is a silly guise, like trying to put a time limit on infinity

J Ann Crowder
J Ann Crowder
over 5 years

Thank you! I've never joined a page like this and it's pushing me to
write more. I certainly love learning from others. This is the perfect place for poets. I'm enjoying reading your poetry too and am very appreciative of all your feedback Robert.

over 5 years

@Jenifer Wilkinson Crowder: I felt the same way when I joined .. This site is awesome full of awesome writers that push me to
Be better

Charlotte B. Williams
over 5 years

You write so beautifully.

J Ann Crowder
J Ann Crowder
over 5 years

Thank you Charlotte, you do as well. I love your patriotism! I love how you write song too. You are very talented.

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