Voiceless Embrace

By J Ann Crowder

Fawning from distances locked within an eye’s frame of exalted desire
A mystic fire ignites, ever warmer as salty air beckons us closer
‘Tis depth in his stare, as his cloying hands yearn to possess; to satisfy my unaltering, inquisitive gaze
To dancing trees, as spring delights in her opus, here blankets of tall firs conceal our galant embrace; long and whispery, hungry and fragrant
As seeds of earth bud, mossy flower beds moisten and tapestries embolden as sweetest impromptus entreat
A splendor of vines intertwine, ever warming; bright and gallant, fiery and fair
Truly then transpires an impassioned embrace as desires once imprisoned, now release
Deep, dusky scents embolden, tasting the sweetness of this erotic stance
Exalted and breathless, long and glacial, now becomes this astral collide, as brightest kisses drop smooth feathers of pleasantries fair
Here, entangled within a cradle of lust, underneath raw, frosty dews of lush we lay, unbridled, deep, and unbroken
We are sensuously slow, strong, fierce, and blissful, as becoming one, molded together with a stroke of passion’s delight
We shook the cosmos, rapturing each sense in being; deeply enlivening and most erotically alive, we garnished this indulgent bonding
As for a sweetest moment we embraced within these firery throngs

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