By J Ann Crowder

Ah, a transient, elusive wind—moving where he must
Oh, how I wonder from whence and where he goes—a force of intangible breath
A gentle, giant spirit—whispering only truth to my ears' delight
I cannot tame, break, or seize him
I move through him as he moves through me—like drinking water of springs into my being
He is my chest heaving light and life
He is taller than clouds and deeper than my soul—keen and wise
Betimes, he is gentle and breezy
Oft times, a gale force—wild, fresh, and penetrating
He is aether—sculptor of all existence
Fairies drift upon his blow—ever following tides of secrets
Alas, he resides within the catacombs of my constructive, living tomb
Sometimes tumultuous and squally
Mostly soft and tender—wrapping my infinite world into his magic touch

Written August 26th, 2016.

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Charlotte B. Williams
about 4 years

I love to feel the wind blowing, with it's life sustaining force. Makes my Day. Nice poem

Robert L. Martin
over 4 years

I saw him yesterday playing with the leaves on the maple tree. Very good moving poem.

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