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Every night and every day she hoped for the best. She was always a dreamer, the kind whose heart cannot be controlled. She loves too much, but got hurt even more. She fell in love with many, many things, but they all seemed to fall apart in her hands, except for traveling. The ocean was always calling her name, and the mountains stayed right behind her shoulders. There were curvy roads that she dreamed of finding one day. And walking paths she couldn’t wait to put her feet on. She traveled for herself, but she also traveled for a chance to find her one and only. She hopes to find a deep and intense love so she could begin traveling with a full heart.

love, her, him, hearts, wondering, like, feelings, forward, emotions, poetry her, him, hearts, wondering, like, feelings, emotions, poetry , crazy, heartbroken , friendship, promise , ocean, waves, tides, shoreline, traveler, dreamer

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