The more things change
The more I feel strange
The times on my mind
Are hard to find real
But somehow still remains
True to what I thought I knew
If only it happened to you
Then you could understand
How holding a baby is no better
than holding a gun in your hand
If you have no intention to provide love
and attention,
Leaving a false heart of hope in suspension to doom.
They say the sky is the limit but I’ve already been in it.
Ain’t shit but cold air with no time to spare
Consuming every last breathe
Til its death do us part,
I’m tired and time has rewired
All i once admired,
Lifes been a burden on the heart
I don’t know how in heaven to finish,
But I sure as hell won’t restart

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Joe Marflak
over 5 years

I lift my chin up when i can but i have a heavy stubborn head, lined of lead, so not much gets through haha thanks for the comment though it seems sincere and i appreciate it.

Robert L. Martin
over 5 years

Life is beautiful. Lift your chin up. Nice poem, though

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