The demons in your conscience
closed in on your common sense
and the fight to live for your kids
you lost grip of your clinched fists
shot shit in your wrists
and then slipped
This is a journey we were not taught how to travel
we’re just runaways kicking up dust
in the eyes of the others
you medicate the tangible but can’t see the expandable
'cuz your pace of living and dying
brought havoc to your lovers
The folks,
that never really got to say goodbye
only stained with a memory
disconnected from your bedside
pained lives always remembering
watching you escape your mind
now I haven’t shed tears in a year
but be it the sad season
I wish these years weren’t here
and if we’re all just dying to grow
and growing to disappear
then I’ve found reason
for the demons in your ear
I hope to heal
this chestful of trauma
still it craves to fade
with my shadow


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