For the Matt Woodrow family...who changed our lives with their love.

This path in life is uncertain and I tend to fall off fast, I conceal my heart in attempt to stop a repeat of the past.
God led me to your family, he knew I needed you. Our angels walk among this earth and I’m certain it is you.
These walls of mine stood tall back then and remain high to this day. Your patience and time to break them down mean more than words can say.
From the moment I became a mother you embraced mine as your own. Treasuring every memory, loving them individually..for the beautiful souls they have grown.
Hearts of gold and selfless you lead us on our way, making each year brighter and our worries lighter to conquer every day.
We love you more than words can say... a million thanks we owe. Thank you for always being there, our biggest fans and guiding as we grow.



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