It doesn’t come through governance,
it has existed all throughout.
It doesn’t come through war,
fear and revenge masquerade as liberation.
It doesn’t come through money,
no one is selling it.
I want the truest essence of the word.
Not the corrupted economic version.
Buy one get one free.
Not the political version.
The media is free and independent.
Not the capitalist version.
Markets and companies are free to compete.
No I want the individualized version.
The one stripped of definition.
That only the sensation can be felt.
The one that lay outside the grasp of law and order.
The one that relies on as much instinct and impulse as reason.
The one that requires self reliance, self determination, and wit.
The one that induces instantaneous euphoria and nostalgia.
The one that is fleeting, but satisfying.
Once earned never forgotten, enough for a lifetime.
The one where infringement becomes impossible.
The one that stops time, immediately vaporizing any future,
impaling the past upon the limitless possibilities of the present.
The one you stumble upon because tracking it is unrealistic.
The one that forces decisions to be made upholding the essence of that moment.
No one owns it
no one conquered it
no one liberated it in war
no one hordes it
no one branded it
no one co-opted it
no one changed it.
It’s still there, the way it was for a mind to see or find or feel
I want that FREEDOM.


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