you are happy as a bee,
showing all the other bees
where all the pretty flowers lie.
You are the best bee dancer,
Zumbando in all of the sky.
And only the most beautiful flowers that lie,
to you do call with necter supplied.
And you play on the petals
with lines and zines of crawling hormigas,
not caring they’re not bees,
merely wingless insects, friendly bee pets.
Your wings Zumba to produce a hum.
Tranquilizing sounds for a frolicking garden.
And you never sting, an oath to commit
that such pain has no residence
among pretty roses, sharp carnations.
All the other bees, to you do follow,
cause you are the queen, y no hay otra.
As a bee with your beauty and harmonious Zumba,
You know enough to give all of your love,
even to bad bees, who are only so flawed
because God refused them both chromosomes.


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Robert L. Martin
casi 5 años

A nice nature poem. A good story. Muy simpatico.

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Cory Garcia Juan Michael

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