Do not think black today
Think deep brilliant amber
Do not think of what
was left behind. Instead,
see the beauty there is
all around.
This is my wish
for you,
my love
I want to see your fingers
pointing to the stars
Your soft olive hands
playing with the words
You gave me


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Parker Jennings
más de 3 años

"Do not think Black today."

Excellent expression. Self-awareness is a great pursuit to master, especially if it leads one to control the poisons that the mind naturally wants to indulge in. Great love poem

Tony Hill
alrededor de 6 años

Enjoyed your poem, Julia, twice.

Julia Dunlop
alrededor de 6 años

Thank you. :)

Julia Dunlop
alrededor de 6 años

Thanks for reading. :)

Jericho Green
más de 6 años


Tony Hill
más de 6 años

Enjoyed reading your poem.

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