Last night I slept with my spine against the wildflowers, my eyes foggy with the rain, the heaviness of the stars pounding into my skull. As  I looked around I felt the world inside of me, I felt the words I had read early that afternoon jumping into my skin, making a home inside of me.
A home I had longed for, all my life.
So I gathered up these feelings, and I poured them into a bottle mixed with starlight, Just in case I ever forget again
What it’s like to feel.
I can still recall the things you said to me on that Thursday night we lay beneath the rain, listening to each others heart beats.
The way the sun had risen across your shoulders, and the clouds had blown away by the rise and fall of your breath. These memories they sit inside of me as if I had swallowed the entire sky. I have yet to find someone who will make me forget you,
and until then, my bones ache.

Sad, nature, nature imagery, love, heartbreak, personification, lost, home, missing

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Julia W
plus de 6 ans

Thank you!

Cory Garcia
plus de 6 ans

Another Great One :)

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Cory Garcia

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