I’m walking barefoot across the earth, my naked heels hugging the sunlit sand, burning from the artistry of the way the birds wings are clipping the horizon. My thoughts are like vapor, whirling   around my still standing figure like paper flying in the wind, that I can’t seem to run fast enough to catch up with. I walked with words sleeping inside my chest, shining out of me like the sun; I walked with my soul submerged in freedom, dragging my heart against the rough oceans waves. I will sleep tonight with my dreams entangled in my angels hair, and we will walk on together across the day; while she whispers the words I feel inside my chest, into the moons paper eardrums. And we will run on together, through my nightmares and fears, and she will shower them with the starlight she keeps hidden in her pockets. I will keep my back turned from home, and inhale the spirit of the ocean into my shaky lungs, and breathe out the energy of the stars, as it seeps into my tender skin. And maybe as I run down the shoreline, with saltwater burning every inch of my body, I will forget every thought I came here with. Maybe as I swim across the ocean, the vast sky hovering over my skin like a blanket, I can let go of all the memories that have been carried around inside my lungs. And slowly I will peel away my skin, and one by one I will drown my demons, beneath these lonely waters.

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Cory Garcia
presque 7 ans

Amen :)
Well done!

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Cory Garcia

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