Out beyond memories of the sun on your cheekbones and the ocean’s screams clenched between your teeth,
My hands, wrapped around your waist, your soul; wrapped around my body.
Out beyond thoughts, that run through my veins like shadows running from their human beings,
lays worlds,
lays people, that I’ve forgotten but once knew, these people, who I promised,
“I won’t forget you.”
I held your hands as ships pulled you away and us apart
The ocean knows,
but I can’t seem to remember–
What was your name?
Out beyond worlds, that shift like suns rotating around our growing bodies;
becoming too old, becoming too young, to remember each other’s names.
On this earth I sit,
How can I be so foolish
to remember only one?
How can I be so ludicrous, to only know the souls I’ve seen these past 18 years, when I promised–
I promised....
The sky was sleeping inside your ribcage, and the earth sang flowers in between our fingers, we became the rivers, we became the trees.
But the clouds loved you, as much as I, so they grabbed you with both hands
And you became a cloud above me
And I promised,
I wouldn’t forget you.
The ocean knows,
But I’ve forgotten–
I’ve forgotten you.

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Julia W
about 6 years

Thanks so much!! :)

Cory Garcia
about 6 years

WoW!!! Absolutely love this

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Cory Garcia

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